Meet the Team


Molly - Owner

Even as a kid I had a deep love of animals. I grew up always having a pet and even aspired to be a Veterinarian. I began working as a dog walker at 19 years old simply to hang out with dogs. I liked the freedom of working on my own schedule and getting to meet all different kinds of pups. I decided to start 'Sup Dog in 2017 to offer a reliable walking and sitting experience for pet owners. Since then, I've gotten to meet amazing people and dogs of all shapes and sizes. My dog, Moo, works as my partner and makes friends with every dog. He accompanies me on our daily walks and park trips and enjoys our doggie sleepovers. I look forward to meeting you and your pet soon!


Tomas - Walker

From before I can remember, animals have always been my biggest passion. 10 years ago, I began my career in the animal care and behavior industry. I started out at a shelter in Colorado where I worked as an animal care attendant and a training and behavior specialist. From there, I moved on to another shelter for a year where I worked as an animal behaviorist. After that, I moved to San Diego where I continued to freelance as a personal dog trainer. Three years ago, I began a career as an animal control officer. In this job I was able to put my knowledge and experience to work to help the public with various behavior issues, legal issues, and to help investigate cruelty and neglect. During my work as an animal control officer, I completed a comprehensive course to get my dog training certification. After three years, I decided that I wanted to focus on being an educator, not an enforcement officer. I began to develop training to be able to help people with their pets. Not just dogs, but cats, small animals, and Exotics as well. Recently I joined up with Molly! I am excited to work with each and everyone of you with walking your dogs!


Jenna - Walker

Recently hired to work part-time with SupDog. Bio coming soon!